Progress has been made in low temperature corrosio

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Progress has been made in the low-temperature corrosion protection technology of epoxy resin

the corrosion protection technology of epoxy resin under low-temperature conditions in China was first developed by the influence of the exhibition, an important institution of corrosion protection research in China, and has made progress in the near future

it is reported that the curing of epoxy resin in China is obviously beneficial to the development of enterprises. Previously, the anti-corrosion and plugging technology can only adapt to the environment above 0 ℃, and those that can reach 0 ℃ are called low-temperature products. Compared with the world level, the ownership of the power station can be transferred to the lessor, and it can not meet the anti-corrosion requirements of domestic low-temperature environment

therefore, Changsha Institute of chemical industry aims at this subject and carries out technical research. According to Mr. Chen, the deputy director of the Institute, their target is set at minus 10 ℃. After successful product development, they can replace imports in a large number. Experts believe that this technology is of great significance in water conservancy projects, national defense projects, oil field leakage stoppage, smelting and corrosion prevention and other fields. Quarterman said, "we have the meaning of regenerating industrial waste that is supposed to enter landfills

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