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Last week, the spandex market (11..11)

last week, the domestic market atmosphere of spandex was gloomy, and the trading was flat. With the increase of production restriction and reduction, the basic trading market is not optimistic. Only some powerful enterprises still have a small number of orders to renew, but the overall market is still weak. In terms of upstream raw materials last week, PTMEG's domestic sales system still showed a stable and slightly consolidated adjustment pattern under the continuous implementation of the monthly contract. Among them, the trading range in the spandex field was yuan/ton, but the high-end trading volume was significantly reduced. The mainstream transaction price had reached 40000 tons by 1986, almost close to the bottom. Although the continuous support of monthly orders in the field of direct supply in the pure MDI domestic market has kept the contract price at a relatively low center of gravity of yuan/ton, the quotation has been stable, and the scope of shipment has been relatively flat. Up to now, the scope of cash shipment in East China is yuan/ton, the price in South China is yuan/ton, the accounting period, acceptance and small orders are higher, the price of NPU dollars is 2150 dollars/ton, and the price of high-end customers is higher. In the downstream market last week, due to the continuous weakness of manufacturers' operation status, the price reduction operation in procurement has also significantly improved, and most of them have the intention to reduce the subsequent price, and there are operations to increase limited production. At present, spandex 20d has fallen below the 60000 yuan mark, down 200 yuan/ton year-on-year last week, while 40d has not been able to hold without oil source, down to 44000 yuan/ton year-on-year last week. Device Market: due to the further enlargement of the loss operation, the continuous contraction of the total sales volume, and the insufficient expectation of the subsequent business recovery, makuchi Zhizao town seized the opportunity of the continued release of the "post summit" effect. Following the shutdown of a production device with an annual output of nearly 4500 tons at the beginning of last week, an spandex production enterprise in Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province, began to prepare for the shutdown of another 4500 ton device under its control, and plans to shut down in the near future Usually, the interval between two collections is also very long (for example, the version of Skynet in the early stage will be repaired once every three months, and its overall production load will be reduced to about 50%. In general, the overall spandex industry is still in a downturn. No matter how enterprises reduce the overall price, buyers still purchase in small quantities and vigorously reduce prices, resulting in a vicious circle in the entire spandex market. It is expected that spandex products will continue to decline slightly next week.

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