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SPCC call center conducts on-site supervision through self-service data visualization platform

spcc call center conducts on-site supervision through self-service data visualization platform

--qlik provides an efficient customer service management solution for SPCC

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sky perfect customer relations (SPCC) conducts on-site supervision through qlik's self-service data visualization platform, Fully explore the opportunities to promote the sustainable development of business

qlik (nasdaq:qlik), the leader of visual analysis, announced that sky P, the customer service center of Japan's largest live satellite supplier, but experience shows that perfect customer relations Corporation (SPCC) maintains high-quality customer service through the adoption of qliksense and qlikview, and continues to develop in the fierce and undoubtedly huge business opportunity market competition

spcc operates six customer service centers with customer service personnel to provide support. The call center has set up a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) to continuously optimize high-quality support services and promote the growth of customer orders. In December, 2013, SPCC adopted qlikview to track KPIs and conduct visual analysis. Since its deployment, qlik view has become an indispensable tool for it and regulators to shorten the analysis time

based on the success of qlikview, SPCC hopes to expand the analysis application through the self-service platform to meet the needs of business and it. The adoption of qlik sense has brought new opportunities to expand the data mining environment of the customer service center. On site supervisors can create their own visual analysis and dashboard, and explore new development opportunities when making rapid and efficient responses to customer needs. Therefore, qlik sense, as a standard self-service visual analysis platform, is used to manage hundreds of customer service personnel in SPCC customer service center. (+ pay attention to CTI forum number ctiforumnews)

James Fisher, vice president of global product marketing of qlik, said: in any service industry, customer maintenance is crucial. Getting the right information at the right time will have a significant impact on the fate of customers. By helping enterprises explore correlations based on safe, consistent and reliable data information and answer questions according to needs, we have optimized the quality of actionable information required by all decision makers, from on-site supervisors to managers

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