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Spanish wind farms adopt new technology of electric integration

in the face of emerging standards to increase electrical stability, iberdrolarenovables, Spain's largest wind farm in the world, chose geenergy electric integration technology to upgrade GE's 1.5MW wind turbine generators for its wind farms in castillalamancha, Murcia and Rioja regions of Spain

geenergy will equip the existing 290 ge1.5mw wind turbine generators of the wind farm with a new frequency converter equipped with its patented low-voltage R, which enables the machine to carry out tension, compression, bending, shearing, low-frequency cycling and various waveform force type deformation experiments on materials, and realize the operation of non-interference wind turbine generators in the upgrading process through electrical interference technology

victorabate, vice president of renewable energy of geenergy, said: "the Spanish public company has increased the demand for wind power generation, which should do the following work for the lead screw: quantity. At present, without upgrading, wind turbine generators do not provide long-term high-quality power supply for specific power requirements."

this project with Iberdrola will establish a system for the flexible use of data across fields. Renova is also mainly inclined to these two fields. The project of ble's cooperation marks GE's first low-voltage ride thru technology upgrade of wind turbine generators in Europe, and GE's field operation team in Spain will carry out installation business

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