The hottest speaker can also play in the telephone

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Can speakers also play? Chenghuiwan ~ ~ ~

the first smart speaker dingdong 2 in China that needs regular inspection if it can play is on the market

on September 14, at the speech gathering and the JD smart audio alliance upgrade conference of smart manufacturing, Linglong technology announced that dingdong generation 2 products were officially launched in JD Mall for external sales

Linglong technology is a joint venture between and iFLYTEK, and Ding Dong generation 2 is its seventh smart speaker product. Compared with the previously released products, Ding Dong generation 2 has made further innovations in functions. It not only has the original functions of playing music, controlling household appliances, checking the weather, voice shopping and so on, which are classified according to force measurement methods: mechanical force measurement experimental machine and electronic force measurement experimental function, but also adds new functions such as self-defined wake-up words, screen voice dual interaction and dialing, of which the dialing function is realized through yunzhixun intelligent speaker solution

Shenzhen Yunzhi composite polyurethane adhesive refers to adhesives containing urethane group (-nhcoo-) or isocyanate group (-nco) in the molecular chain. Since its establishment in 2014, Xinluo Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to facing enterprise customers, communication practitioners, operators, etc., and continuously improving the efficiency of the communication industry and communication services through the construction of communication capabilities such as resources, technology, operation and maintenance, operations and services. In August this year, at the c o 2017 strategy press conference, yunzhixun put forward the integrated communication strategy to provide various customized communication solutions for major customers in the industry

the smart speaker solution is proposed by yunzhixun to solve the communication problems in the smart speaker industry. With the support and help of yunzhixun, Ding Dong generation 2 has realized the function of playing and finding

the emergence of smart speakers has liberated users' hands, and users can complete a series of instructions through voice interaction. Before the smart speaker has realized the voice call function, users who want to dial someone must pick up, search the address book, and then click to call out. In this process, users cannot leave their hands to do other things. If the user has a Ding Dong generation 2 Smart speaker, there is no need to operate on it. He can directly say Ding Dong Ding Dong to the speaker and call XX. The speaker can complete the automatic call. After the called person picks up, the user can talk with the called person through the speaker. At the same time, users can do other things while playing

in addition, forgetting where to put it is also a very common phenomenon in life. Whenever this happens, people will always use another one to dial the lost one. If the user doesn't have a second one at hand at this time, he can only search everywhere by himself. The emergence of Ding Dong generation 2 has completely changed this situation. As long as users say Ding Dong Ding Dong to it, my phone will automatically dial the user's number to help users find it as soon as possible

for a long time, Ding Dong smart speaker has been the industry weathervane, and its series of products have a market share of more than 80% in the domestic market. As the first smart speaker that can be dialed in China, the innovative function of Ding Dong generation 2 has attracted wide attention and great attention in the industry. It is believed that more smart speaker products that can be dialed will appear in the market in the future

as a leading integrated communication service provider in China, yunzhixun not only has made achievements in voice call solutions, but also its video call solutions have been widely recognized in the industry. For example, Zhuhai Taichuan has adopted yunzhixun's cloud intercom solution in its access control system, transforming traditional intercom into cloud intercom, so that residents can have video calls with visitors whether they are at home or not. At present, all kinds of intelligent hardware emerge in endlessly and gradually come into the public's view. The innovation of its functions has also become the top priority of all intelligent hardware manufacturers. Sometimes the software will not be calculated directly, and the cloud platform of the Internet of things can help intelligent hardware realize various communication functions, help intelligent hardware function upgrading, and improve user experience

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