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Construction of energy storage wind power generation system on the Spanish island of yero

the Spanish island of yero is about to be transformed because of a major project. At the moment, this project is just a pit, or exactly two pits: one is on the top of the mountain, and the other is slightly lower. Between the two pits, there is a long pipe with the same color as the bush. On this volcanic island, the bushes are lush and grow well

by the end of 2011, when the innovative wind power generation system is launched, yero Island, located at the easternmost tip of the Spanish island of Condley, will become the first place in the world to be fully self-sufficient in energy, which is only the first step in the whole plan. The subsequent plan will make this Island the most sustainable island on earth

does this sound a little whimsical? We can analyze local resources. Yero island is about 750 kilometers away from the Spanish mainland. The island is extremely desolate. The volcanic terrain makes there no coal mines and fossil fuels, and fresh water resources are extremely scarce. With a population of 10000, the island has long relied on diesel oil transported by oil tankers every week for power generation. This is why about 25 years ago, the common problems and solutions of the island residents: people began to consider using the local rich water resources and wind resources to convert them into renewable energy. Now, due to the lack of global oil resources, the Fukushima disaster has forced people to reflect on the harm of nuclear power plants, and the local hydropower plan is promising

"at first, it was just a simple problem of energy self-sufficiency." Thomas padran, chairman of the island Commission, said, "we are completely dependent on external assistance, and the plan may suddenly be stranded. However, due to the current global energy crisis and climate change, as well as the occurrence of many things, we find this matter of great value."

the power station to be built on the island will be a miracle in engineering, and we will pursue simplicity in design. Five windmills will be built at the advantageous end of the northeast electric drive of the island to provide power for the water pump station. When there is wind, the electricity generated by the wind will pump the water to the 2300 foot mountain and store it; When the wind force decreases, the sluice gate is released and water is used to generate electricity. In short, yero island will combine water power and wind power to provide continuous energy regardless of the climate

this power station is expected to generate 48million kWh and save 6000 tons of diesel oil every year, which can fully meet the local power demand. At present, the construction of a power station has begun. The person in charge of the company participating in the project said: "the whole system will be closely combined, and its concept has far exceeded the saying of environmental protection. When the power station is combined with the automotive system, it is like galaxy collision, which is of epoch-making significance."

this system integrates more than these. Unlike other islands in the gardley islands, yero island does not develop tourism on a large scale, but maintains local traditional agriculture. Farmers have also joined the energy system and reached an agreement with the plan to convert local agriculture into organic production within eight years, and agricultural sewage into methane and fertilizer, which can be recycled

this is an island with a very conservative culture. There is even no cinema on the island, which promotes the "scope effect" of industrial development. Women can't enter bars without company. So what prompted such revolutionary changes in the local area? It is likely to become the target of capacity reduction, thanks to its geographical location. The chairman of the island Commission said, "we have been isolated from the outside world, from the Spanish mainland, and from other islands in the gardley islands. There have been problems of drought and lack of supply on the island all the time, which makes us more eager to find a solution."

however, although the situation faced by yero island is relatively special, its solution to the problem can be extended to other places. Hawaiian island is also a volcanic island. At present, we are learning from Yelo island

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