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Special boilers can burn garbage into decorative glass

yesterday, the eighth Nanjing Nordic and Asia Pacific Economic, technological and trade fair and environmental protection technology seminar, hosted by the Nanjing municipal government and hosted by the Nanjing Association for science and technology, the people's Government of Jianye District, the Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau and the Environmental Protection Bureau, opened. This symposium will carry out academic discussions on urban sewage treatment, garbage power generation, lighting energy conservation, road cleaning, etc

At the seminar, Si Hang, vice president and Secretary General of the Finnish Chinese culture, education, science and Technology Exchange Association, brought a special boiler. According to Si Hang, the largest other equipment of this two-story high small boiler is that there is no waste after combustion. The collected garbage also makes everyone look forward to the future development of graphene. After entering the boiler through the inlet, it will first be dried at 50 ℃, then coked at 500 ℃, and finally fully burned at 1200 ℃ - 1400 ℃. After layer upon layer calcination, in addition to generating clean gas, the garbage itself will also form a kind of black glass crystal, which is very beautiful and can be used as renewable decorative materials to decorate the city

some people say that the quality of Chinese people is not high enough to implement garbage classification, which Sri Lanka Airlines does not agree. After living in Finland for many years, he believes that this is mainly due to insufficient supporting facilities. According to Sri Lanka airlines, waste can be divided into biological waste, energy waste and landfill waste. In Finland, one of the principles of waste treatment is to reduce the amount of landfill waste. "In fact, garbage can be sorted from the family, so that the whole city will be clean. Their other ultimate goal"

Si Hang suggested that taking Nanjing as an example, once he was elected president, he could set up a fermenter in each community, and the energy garbage produced by each family can be thrown into the garbage can, while biological garbage can be thrown into the fermenter. "In this way, the garbage that eventually enters the garbage station is dry, which can reduce a lot of environmental pollution, and the biological garbage in the fermentation tank will eventually form organic fertilizer."

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