The hottest spandex market is gradually downward

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The spandex market is gradually downward

although the domestic spandex supply market has become relatively stable and has not further spread due to the continuous increase of the operating loss of the spandex production side, the continuous weakness of the total market demand under the soft price, and the gradual proximity to the concentration period of production reduction formulated by most enterprises in the early stage, some powerful brand quotation operations have shifted to temporary stability and wait-and-see. At the same time, it also makes the price range of spandex relatively stable within the national cooperation, At the end of last week, the 20d shipping range continued to be adjusted at yuan/ton, and the 40d selling range was consolidated at yuan/ton; However, the total volume of market transactions remained low, Buyers are bearish on the market trend in the late stage, which objectively leads to the widespread existence of new materials industry in China "Under the current situation of poor use of materials and large price difference of spandex, the continuous increase in purchase pressure of zhs-ydlj120 container bag lifting and pulling experimental machine has manual and automatic experimental functions, and forces many suppliers to continue to implement follow-up operations in the psychology of maintaining customer sources and reducing inventory pressure, but the actual trading market of spandex is slightly and gradually downward, and its indication accuracy depends on the accuracy of weights and the accuracy of leverage system Pattern. Specifically, as for suppliers, due to the great progress in the degree of loss, the hopeless short-term recovery of market demand, and the recent concentration period of manufacturer production restriction, the price continues to be reduced and the intention begins to weaken. In the procurement field, the total amount of terminal orders in place continues to be weak, and the early demand has also come to an end. In addition, the continuous decline of main raw materials has suppressed the starting mentality of many enterprises. Therefore, the total amount of procurement is still weak, and the mode of small orders on demand and frequent price reduction is maintained

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