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Development trend of major daily chemical packaging forms

in recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, the packaging level of various industries has been improved to varying degrees, which is mainly reflected in the food, milk drinks, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. The sales volume of China's cosmetics industry has increased at an average annual rate of 25% in the past 10 years. China has become the eighth largest cosmetics market in the world and the second largest in Asia. In such a rapidly developing market, the role of packaging is increasingly obvious, and packaging is increasingly concerned by more daily chemical enterprises (not only large ones)! From quality to design, from transportation to sales, packaging has been raised to an unprecedented height. This magazine will carry out professional reports on all aspects of daily chemical packaging. The following will give a comprehensive description of the current situation and packaging development of the entire daily chemical industry

the daily chemical industry mainly includes the following products: washing products, personal care products and cosmetics. The daily chemical industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and its output value has increased rapidly. In addition, we also learned that the total output of washing products has increased significantly every year: in 2002, it increased by 4.56% over 2001, and in 2003, it increased by 16.98% over 2002

it should be noted that due to SARS in 2003, the output value and total output of washing products in that year increased significantly. In addition, the total output of washing products in the washing industry increased steadily by about 4% to 5%

for cosmetics, the industry is developing rapidly. The sales volume of China's cosmetics industry has increased at an average annual rate of 25% in the past 10 years. China has become the eighth largest cosmetics market in the world and the second largest in Asia. According to the survey report provided by the industry association, China's cosmetics market will grow at an average annual rate of 15% in the next few years. The figures provided by the 2004 annual development report of China's beauty industry released recently show that there are 2800 cosmetics manufacturers

at present, a prominent feature of the cosmetics market is that consumers' consumption ability and awareness have been greatly improved. With the renewal and progress of people's living concepts and the continuous improvement of people's overall living standards, the consumer group is further expanded, coupled with the diversification of China's large population base and consumption levels, the huge demand potential and broad development space of China's cosmetics market are gradually being developed and utilized. At present, the domestic per capita consumption of cosmetics is less than one tenth of the world per capita consumption level, but for the cosmetics industry, this just means a huge market and business opportunities

under the development of this industry, all daily chemical enterprises have tried their best to seize more market share. Invest more energy in developing new products, invest more money in advertising, and spend more attention on packaging to attract consumers. These can be seen from the ever-changing packaging forms of daily chemical products. According to the packaging forms of daily chemical products, they are mainly the following: plastic bottle packaging, carton packaging, hose packaging and glass packaging. In terms of the development of daily chemical packaging in the past two years, the development of these packaging forms has the following characteristics:

development characteristics of common packaging forms of daily chemical products

plastic bottle packaging - the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased, and the shapes will be diverse, dominated by several major materials

plastic bottle packaging is a quite extensive packaging form used in the field of daily chemical products, most of which are liquid Lotion or paste is used to contain the temperature measuring device, which does not have a distinctive appearance. It can only show its own characteristics through exquisite and unique packaging design. Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on packaging in order to achieve good sales. Plastic bottle packaging can be divided into transparent, translucent and opaque, which can well show the characteristics of products with different properties, and is deeply loved by daily chemical manufacturers. Therefore, in recent years, plastic bottle packaging forms have been gradually enriched, and new designs have been made in shape. All kinds of bottle shapes boldly and appropriately highlight the characteristics of the product. As for the packaging materials, the manufacturers use the same, basically P2. Before handling, first remove the cylinder pressure ET and PE materials

carton - wider application range, higher technical content

in the hearts of many people, cartons seem to be only used as the outer packaging of products such as some soaps and cosmetics. In fact, with the continuous updating of the concept of packaging designers and the continuous development of related technologies, the application scope of cartons in the field of daily chemicals is also expanding. The most typical case is the application of cartons in detergent products: the "Meisheng aerobic laundry granules" produced by Meisheng household chemical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, uses cartons as the outer packaging of products. The cartons with exquisite printing and reasonable structure greatly improve the shelf display effect of products. CTP technology and the use of some special pigments and inks have played a great role in improving the packaging quality and grade of cartons

hose - special-shaped tubes appear frequently, and the packaging is rich and colorful

hose is often known as the packaging of some personal care products. Products such as facial cleansers and skin care products are mostly packaged in the form of hoses. The hose is no longer the same round head shape, which is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity. Businesses have changed the shape of the hose used in their products to avoid their products being buried in the homogeneous packaging. Therefore, oval head hose and square head hose are used in their own products by some daily chemical manufacturers. At the Shanghai Beauty Expo in May this year, the author was pleasantly surprised to find the hose with abnormal head, which is a hose provided by Shanghai Chengyi plastic products. The pipe head is irregular shape, very unique and eye-catching, and the sample has received extensive attention from many people in the industry. The frequent appearance of special-shaped pipes makes the hose family grow and expand, and also makes the hose packaging of daily chemical products more and more colorful

glass is loved by high-end cosmetics and still occupies an irreplaceable place

from the development trend of daily chemical packaging in recent years, the share of glass packaging seems to have declined, which is related to the rapid development of resin materials used in cosmetic containers. Competition from other materials has a great impact on the application of glass materials in daily chemical packaging, especially PET materials in transparency The barrier property is excellent, which limits the development of glass packaging to a certain extent. However, we should also see that glass packaging will not be completely replaced by plastic packaging. In the field of daily chemicals, especially cosmetics, there are still many cases where glass is used as product packaging. Some high-end cosmetics still have a huge demand for glass packaging, which also urges glass manufacturers to seek development opportunities from emerging markets and constantly update the production process of products. Although glass bottles account for no more than 8% of cosmetic packaging containers, they still have irreplaceable advantages in this packaging field and remain the preferred material for high-end cosmetics in the short term

the current situation of the use of packaging machinery in the domestic household chemical industry

although the domestic household chemical industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the variety of products has increased greatly, the technical level of packaging machinery used in some washing products is not very high. In terms of primary packaging technology, the situation of washing powder filling equipment is not optimistic. Moreover, there are not many domestic one-stop filling lines for bag making, filling and sealing. Most enterprises use a single filling machine

the use of packaging machinery for liquid washing products, personal care products and cosmetics is relatively better. Some large manufacturers of liquid washing products such as Libai and nays use foreign advanced liquid filling production lines, which are in a leading position in terms of production speed and product quality. With the rapid development of domestic daily chemical industry and the continuous improvement of machinery manufacturing technology, it is believed that in the future, more advanced daily chemical packaging equipment will play a greater role in domestic daily chemical enterprises

the application of secondary packaging equipment in the field of daily chemical industry shows a rapid upward trend. With the intensification of competition in the industry and the merger and reorganization of some daily chemical enterprises, the demand of daily chemical enterprises for some secondary packaging equipment has increased. The application of shrinking equipment, marking equipment, automatic packing and sealing equipment has increased significantly. This trend is inevitable. In the future, secondary packaging technology will play a more important role in the field of household chemicals

prediction of the demand for packaging machinery in the household chemical industry in the next few years

People's living standards continue to improve, their requirements for quality of life are also higher and higher, and consumers' demand for personal care products and cosmetics is also increasing. At present, many consumers like small volume of toiletries and cosmetics, which makes manufacturers in the field of toiletries, personal care products and cosmetics pay great attention to the accuracy of product measurement. Because the dose of these products is too small, inaccurate measurement will produce relatively large deviation, and some cosmetics are of high value. Accurate measurement will save a lot of production costs for enterprises. Market demand determines that in the next few years, packaging machinery with accurate measurement will be more favored by enterprises

at present, due to the fierce competition in the daily chemical industry, many small enterprises have been crushed, resulting in some large enterprises making the scale of enterprises larger and larger through mergers and acquisitions. In this case, efficient production can bring more benefits and competitiveness to enterprises. The development trend of the industry is bound to lead to an increase in the demand for high-speed and highly automated equipment in daily chemical enterprises. In the next few years, continuous and supporting production lines will be more favored by daily chemical enterprises

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