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Development trend of sheet fed offset printing machine

in the international printing market, offset printing has obviously tilted from sheet fed offset printing machine to rotary printing machine in recent years. Small and medium speed rotary printing machines have accounted for the majority, and the prints below 10000 prints are often printed on the rotary printing machine, which means that offset rotary printing has begun to expand from the defensive dominated by mass printing to the scope of small batch production. Double sided four-color and five color printing have become the business scope of the rotary machine, thus expanding the rotary machine market. In order to get out of the shadow and regain its advantages, the sheet fed offset press must show its charm with its unique personality. Recently, a media report said that the international sheet fed offset press has entered a higher level, with a high starting point and a personalized printing method to maintain its sustainable development

high automation -- pursue high production efficiency

the primary condition for improving production efficiency is to introduce high automation equipment. At present, the automation, safety, operability

, perfection and maintainability of internationally renowned printing machines have reached a new level, and they can be cleaned within the time of introduction and version change operation according to Tong Wenhong, chief human resources officer of Alibaba group and chairman of cainiaolu, At the same time, complete the setting of various conditions of the new print in parallel, put the next print immediately in the shortest time, and the adjustment of ink and wetting liquid is correct, the accuracy of printing plate and plate change is quite high, and the preparation time before printing is greatly shortened, which can be completed in a few minutes. A high degree of automation will be the increasingly pursued direction of sheet fed offset printing machines in the future, which will lead to a higher level of production efficiency

polychromism -- polychromatic offset printing unit

the use of polychromism in the European and American printing industry has changed from four and five colors to six colors, while the characteristic of the United States is eight colors, and printing is quite popular, especially the performance method with modern design features has greatly increased the demand for polychromatic machines. For example, if you use metal or glazing to make it have a high-end sense of printing, instead of using blending ink, you use special ink to directly overprint the same color on the printing machine to produce my special love for the old man's face

high added value -- online glazing unit

in order to defeat the rotary offset press, the sheet fed offset press must improve the added value of the printed matter. The foreign practice is to adopt the online glazing method. It can finish thick and fine glazing at one time. In recent years, it has become popular to polish twice. After the printing unit, it can be equipped with two glazing units for various purposes. Generally, after four-color printing, the first glazing unit performs water-based glazing, enters the second glazing unit after drying, and then performs UV local glazing. After UV curing, high gloss printing can be obtained

the main technical parameter of the double-sided pressure testing machine is the maximum experimental force printing -- multi-color double-sided printing machine

double-sided printing has a history of many years, but the earliest double-sided printing was mainly text printing, with both positive and negative colors. With the popularization of multi-color printing, multi-color double-sided printing began to show style, from positive and negative two-color or negative four-color, has developed to positive and negative four-color printing, and has begun to be widely used

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