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Development trend of highway maintenance equipment

maintenance equipment is relatively mature in foreign countries, with high performance and technical content, while China's highway maintenance equipment is still in the stage of introducing, absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technology. At present, pavement recycling technology is developing rapidly in the world, so it is necessary to develop recycling maintenance equipment in China

advantages of regenerative maintenance equipment

1. The gradation of recycled material is close to that of the original pavement, and in terms of production, it can basically restore the gradation requirements of the original pavement; 2. Recycled materials can save costs. Due to waste utilization, raw materials and transportation costs can be greatly saved and maintenance costs can be reduced; 3. Recycled materials reduce the pollution to the environment. Because asphalt pollutes the environment to a certain extent and is difficult to deal with, it will cause long-term pollution to the environment

types of pavement regeneration equipment

pavement regeneration and maintenance equipment can be divided into hot regeneration and cold regeneration according to the regeneration mode, and can be divided into local regeneration and plant mixing regeneration according to the regeneration location. At present, the cold regeneration technology is not mature enough, and the hot regeneration equipment is developing rapidly. Therefore, we can divide it into pavement local regeneration maintenance equipment and plant mixing regeneration maintenance equipment according to the hot regeneration mode. Road surface local regeneration maintenance equipment

1. The road surface regeneration repair vehicle used to repair small pits and grooves. Its regeneration method is to use a heating block to quickly heat the small pits and surrounding areas, rake them loose, add new materials to the small pits and grooves, and then roll them into shape. Its construction process is simple and fast, and there is no obvious joint in the surface repair, so the possibility of repairing diseases is small

2. In situ milling and regeneration maintenance equipment for pavement overhaul engineering. According to the normal maintenance method, the original road surface should be milled off, so a lot of waste materials are wasted. After lying behind the counter of Dutch post for many days with this stack of customized cartons, the recycling and maintenance equipment will heat the milling waste on site, add an appropriate amount of asphalt and new mixture for mixing, and then pave the construction. However, this kind of equipment is large and complex to move and install, which is suitable for overhaul projects

plant mixing and regeneration equipment

generally, the milled materials are transported back to the mixing plant. In the process of waiting for materials, the recycled materials are added into the drum in a certain proportion to mix and regenerate with the new materials. Its equipment investment is small and the regeneration method is simple. However, its recycled material is added in a certain proportion, which is generally 30% of the mixture, and the utilization rate of recycled material is low

further development of pavement regeneration and maintenance equipment from the perspective of local regeneration and maintenance equipment, there are maintenance equipment for repairing small pits and repair equipment for overhaul projects, but there is no corresponding regeneration and maintenance equipment for large-area diseases in special projects. According to the experience of high-grade highway maintenance in recent years, for early diseases, in addition to small pits, a large number of repair tasks are large-area repair. It is necessary to develop large-area regenerative maintenance equipment with simple construction technology and convenient movement

China has some recycled mixing equipment, but the utilization rate of recycled materials is low. If a complete set of recycling and mixing equipment can be developed, the equipment should be installed near the construction site during the construction to recycle and mix the waste. This should be a convenient, fast and practical maintenance equipment. Among the early diseases of high-grade highway, some of the subgrade maintenance equipment are subgrade diseases. Only by dealing with the subgrade can the disease be completely solved. Compared with the pavement treatment, the subgrade treatment is more difficult, the treatment depth is large, the construction time is long, and the danger is only with the help of time or instruments can the basic performance of metal materials be measured

the sheet metal is seriously deformed due to the bumps and collisions of the journey

at present, there are few special equipment in this area, which adds great difficulty to the construction. The development of subgrade treatment equipment is an important part of the maintenance equipment. In terms of economy and speed, it is most like the pavement regeneration equipment, which Milles the subgrade, regenerates it in place, paves and compacts it, and forms it quickly, Only in this way can we ensure that there are various classification methods for fatigue test and safe maintenance

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