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Wuzhi County special aquaculture project

I. project name: Wuzhi County special aquaculture project

II. Supporting unit: Wuzhi County Bureau of agriculture

III. project background: Wushe county is located on the North Bank of the Yellow River and in the hinterland of the Central Plains, belonging to the warm temperate continental monsoon climate. The county has a total area of 860.6 square kilometers, a population of 600000, a total cultivated area of 624000 mu, 5000 mu of breeding water, convenient transportation and developed communication. With flat terrain, fertile land, rich water resources and superior agricultural production conditions, Wuzhi has become a national "grain base county" and "plain greening county". It is rich in wheat, corn, rice, soybeans, cotton and peanuts. Wuzhi county has strong technical force and high scientific and technological content. The skilled workers who have been engaged in fishery production for a long time have rich experience, and have the professional qualities of independent breeding, disease prevention and treatment, management, feed proportioning, and technological innovation. Wuzhi county has superior conditions for developing special aquaculture

IV. project content: the total investment of the project is 28million yuan, including fixed asset investment of 23.25 million yuan and working capital of 4.75 million yuan. Construction content: design and build an intensive production system of Chinese soft shelled turtles that are self bred. Production scale: annual output of commercial soft shelled turtles is 40 tons, and annual output of juvenile soft shelled turtles is 300000. Planning layout: (1) fully enclosed constant temperature room (double-layer pool) with an area of 6000 square meters, 6 floors (2) plastic greenhouse temperature control room with an area of 3000 square meters, 3 (3) normal temperature pool with an area of 50000 square meters

5. Mode of cooperation: joint venture, sole proprietorship

6. Market Forecast: special aquaculture has broad development prospects. The market of special aquatic products is popular, the contradiction between supply and demand increases, and the price rises again and again. The domestic and foreign markets are optimistic, the demand is large, and the price is expensive. Therefore, vigorously developing special aquaculture has a large market and good development prospects

VII. Benefit prediction: the annual output of commercial turtles is 40 tons, the income is 12million yuan, the young turtle seedlings are 200000, the income is 4million yuan, and the annual profit is 8.755 million yuan

I. project name: Construction of American ginseng production base

II. Project unit: Hebi Agricultural Bureau, Henan Province

III. Project Overview: the project plans to develop 200 mu of American ginseng in dalaidian Town, Qibin Economic Development Zone, Hebi City. The project is located in a deep soil, flat terrain, sufficient light and heat resources, good water conservancy conditions, and a high degree of mechanization. The project undertaking unit Hebi agricultural bureau now has nearly 100 agricultural scientific and technological personnel, which can fully meet the production technical requirements

IV. investment scale: the total investment of the project is 1.9 million yuan, including 1.7 million yuan for shed construction and 200000 yuan for means of production

v. cooperation mode: joint venture, cooperation

VI. Market Forecast: China consumes 600 tons of dry American ginseng every year, accounting for 37.5% of the world consumption, while China's American ginseng production accounts for only 5%. There is a serious imbalance between production and consumption, and most of it depends on foreign imports. In the next few years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of American ginseng in China will gradually increase. There is a big gap in the domestic market, and the prospect is promising

VII. Benefit prediction: American ginseng is generally harvested in four years, with an investment of 9500 yuan per mu. It produces 200 kilograms of ginseng per mu, with an income of 95000 yuan/mu, a net income of 85500 yuan per mu, and an average annual net income of 21400 yuan per mu. Planting 200 mu of ginseng has an average annual net income of 4.28 million yuan

I. project name: development and promotion of eco agricultural model technology

II. Project unit; Henan Hebi Agricultural Bureau

III. Project Overview: the project takes the development of economic and efficient ecological agriculture as the goal, adopts the "straw biogas organic fertilizer" mode, develops 100000 eco agricultural technology mode households in Hebi rural areas, and comprehensively utilizes the existing resources in rural areas. Hebi Agricultural Bureau, the project undertaking unit, has strong technical force. At present, there are 20 biogas professional construction engineers, 30 livestock professional technicians, 25 crop cultivation professionals, 6 feed professional technicians, and 16 other agricultural professional technicians, which can meet the technical force requirements for the implementation of the project

IV. investment scale: the total investment of the project is 202million yuan

v. mode of cooperation: borrowing and withdrawal

VI. benefit analysis: 1. Economic benefits: each C919 also adopts a large number of composite materials and new aviation alloys to build hydraulic biogas and livestock houses, with an investment of 200O yuan. After completion, it can save costs, reduce consumption and increase benefits by 1560 yuan per year. 100000 households can save and increase income by 156million yuan every year, and the investment payback period is two years. 2. Social benefits: ① save energy; ② It can provide high-efficiency compound fertilizer, improve crop yield and improve the quality of agricultural products; ③ Save granary. 3. Ecological benefits: ① solve the problem of air pollution caused by burning straw; ⑦ Improve rural health conditions; ③ Reduce crop diseases and pests

1. Project name: Yucheng County fruit cold storage project

2. Organizer: Yucheng County Agricultural Bureau

3. Project background: Yucheng County has sufficient fruit resources, and the existing fruit tree area is 500000 mu, accounting for 32% of the total cultivated land of the county; In addition, the soil is fertile and rich in water, light and heat resources. The natural conditions are suitable for the development of various fruit tree production, with high yield and good quality; The geographical location of the county is superior, which is conducive to the sales of products; Strong technical force; The economic benefit of fruit storage is high, which can make the value of apple more than double

IV. project content: the total investment of the project is 2.007 million dollars, including 1.203 million dollars for land acquisition and civil engineering, 781200 dollars for equipment and installation, and 24500 dollars for other unforeseen expenses. It plans to raise $807000 by itself and apply for a loan of $1.2 million. Main construction contents: it is planned to acquire 30 mu of land and build five 1000 ton cold storages

v. cooperation mode: joint venture, cooperation

VI. Market Forecast: with the improvement of people's living standards and the scientization of their lifestyle, fresh fruit has become an indispensable consumer product for people in four seasons. After the fruit is refrigerated, the original characteristics of the fruit can be maintained, and some nutrients can be transformed and accumulated to better improve the quality of the fruit. During the Mid Autumn Festival and Spring Festival holidays, prices are soaring and the market is in short supply

VII. Benefit prediction: the annual profit of storing 4000 tons of apples is 655400 US dollars; The annual purchase of 1000 tons of late maturing Red Fuji variety flows into the head forming mold through the neck of the head through a fixed flow channel through the porous filter plate, which can make a profit of 238500 US dollars; After the Spring Festival, it can store meat and aquatic products, with an annual profit of 240000 US dollars. After the first anniversary of the completion of the cold storage, the profit tax is US $134900. It can also improve people's living standards and arrange employment for 150 people

1. Project name: Yucheng County high-quality wheat industrialization engineering construction project

2. Organizer: Yucheng County Bureau of agriculture

3. Project background: Yucheng County is located in the eastern Henan Plain, which is a national commodity grain base county. It has natural conditions suitable for the growth of high-quality wheat. In recent years, wheat has been harvested year after year, but the low price of common wheat has caused a series of problems, such as overstock in storage and difficult sales. According to the requirements of the Ministry of agriculture and the Provincial Department of agriculture for the development of high-quality wheat, Yucheng County is preparing to develop more than 400000 mu of high-quality wheat next year. In order to adapt to this situation, it is hereby applying for the construction of industrialized engineering projects such as high-quality wheat production inspection and recording. The Agricultural Bureau of the county has strong talent and technical advantages, superior geographical location, convenient transportation, sufficient energy and rich groundwater resources

IV. project content: the total investment is 12.2 million yuan. Among them, the purchase of four sets of wheat seeders and harvesters was 4.5 million yuan; 700000 yuan for building a tanning yard of 9000 square meters; The total investment of flour processing production line is 2.5 million yuan, with fixed assets of 2.1 million yuan and working capital of 500000 yuan; The total investment of the instant noodle processing production line is 4.5 million yuan, with fixed assets of 4 million yuan and working capital of 500000 yuan. The production equipment budget is 6.1 million yuan, including 2 sets of medium-sized flour processing machinery, 1.8 million yuan, 3.9 million yuan for 3 instant noodle production lines, 200000 yuan for 4 vehicles, and 200000 yuan for 2 sets of office equipment. The source of funds is 2.2 million yuan raised by the local government and 10million yuan of loans applied for. Main construction contents: it is proposed to introduce 3 instant noodle production lines, with a daily output of 15000 boxes, and an annual output of 4.5 million boxes calculated on the basis of 300 days a year. The production line covers an area of 15000 square meters, and the construction area of production plants and supporting facilities is 8000 square meters. The flour production line covers an area of 10000 square meters, the production plant and supporting construction area of 5000 square meters, and the office space covers an area of 5000 square meters 5、 Cooperation mode: joint venture and cooperation

VI. Market Forecast: with the improvement of people's living standards, instant noodles have become a necessity of people's life. The demand is increasing, and the demand for varieties is also increasing. As long as we aim at the market and grasp business opportunities, we will be able to meet the market demand and obtain better benefits

VII. Benefit prediction: the average case of instant noodles is calculated at 18 yuan, the cost is 16 yuan, the annual production is 450 yuan, and the net profit can reach 9million yuan, with obvious economic benefits. At the same time, due to the formation of the industrialized management situation of "the company's ten farmers + base" high-quality wheat, only the price increase of high-quality wheat recycling every year can bring huge social benefits to local farmers, and employment can also be arranged. The social benefits are immeasurable. The principal and interest of the loan can be paid off in the second year of the project

1. Project name: Runan County high-tech greenhouse vegetable project

2. Organizer: Runan County Bureau of agriculture

3. Project background: Runan County is located in the central and southern part of Henan Province. It is a lacustrine alluvial plain, with open terrain, hundreds of miles of plain, highway transportation extending in all directions, and a superior geographical location. It has a northern subtropical continental climate, mild climate, sufficient light, abundant rainfall, suitable for the growth of a variety of fruits and vegetables, and rich resources, With a total population of 800000 and a total land area of 1580 square kilometers, including 1.26 million mu of cultivated land, the land is fertile. According to the investigation and research of experts from the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences in August 1994, Runan is the best area for the development of grape and other fruits and vegetables, and the domestic breeding industry is developed, which can provide enough organic fertilizer. Runan has strong agricultural technology force. There are 166 agronomists. It has favorable conditions for the development of the project

IV. project content: the total investment is 10million yuan, including 9.52 million yuan of constructive funds, accounting for 92.5% of the total investment, 120000 yuan of working capital, accounting for 1.2% of the total investment, and 360000 yuan of interest and others during the construction period, accounting for 3.6% of the total investment. Fund raising: the farmers raised 3million yuan by themselves, the county and township governments prepared 2million yuan, and the fund gap was 500000 yuan. Construction content: build 400 permanent solar greenhouses, with an annual output of 800 tons of famous and rare fruits and vegetables

v. mode of cooperation: joint venture, sole proprietorship

VI. benefit prediction: economic benefits: after the project is put into operation, the annual sales revenue will be 8million yuan, and the profit and tax will be 5. "He said 280000 yuan, the asset and tax rate will be 52.8%, the sales profit rate will be 63%, and the investment payback period will be 2 years. social results; The project can help farmers get rid of poverty and become rich. Each greenhouse can make a profit of 11200 yuan, improve farmers' planting enthusiasm, promote the development of planting industry, and can also settle 400 rural idle labor forces, so as to turn slack farming into busy farming, promote social stability, and help the development of transportation and agricultural and sideline products processing industry

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