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Special chemical materials need to accelerate the pace of innovation

at the special chemical materials technology exchange meeting held in Suzhou last week, experts pointed out that with the rapid progress of cutting-edge fields such as national defense and aerospace, the supporting special chemical materials have restricted the scientific and technological progress of cutting-edge fields due to the defects of scattered technical forces and insufficient horizontal integration. In view of the current situation that most units tend to fight alone, experts proposed that the integration and innovation of special chemical materials industry should be accelerated to meet the needs of the development of related industries

caoshuhuai, Secretary General of the special chemical materials Committee of the Chinese chemical society, the organizer of the conference, told that China's special chemical materials industry has successively developed thirteen categories of new chemical materials, such as special rubber, special engineering plastics, special coatings, special fibers, special adhesives, nylon materials with the characteristics of light weight and high strength, special electronic chemicals, high-purity gases, high-purity reagents and so on. These high-tech products basically represent the highest level in their respective fields and provide solid support for the development of military industry, aerospace and so on. However, in recent years, with the revocation of the former competent department, the Ministry of chemical industry, the special chemical materials industry is facing problems such as scattered technical forces and insufficient horizontal integration, which is very detrimental to scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development. In addition, due to the insufficient communication between suppliers and demanders in this field, the development of material enterprises is restricted by information blockage and capital shortage

Zhao Yunfeng, a researcher at the Institute of aerospace materials and technology, pointed out that at present, the performance and quality of some key materials needed by China's aerospace industry are still improving. All things are for your peace of mind, which is not stable enough to ensure timely supply; The low-level repeated construction of many products is serious, there are many common product brands, and there is a relative lack of high-end products, which has not achieved generalization, serialization and standardization; The order quantity of some products is too small, and there is a certain difficulty in converting military products to civilian products, resulting in difficulties in maintaining the production line. These problems need to be solved as soon as possible, so as to provide a solid material foundation for the development of aerospace industry

Cao Shuhuai stressed that special chemical materials have the characteristics of multiple varieties, small batches and great technical difficulties. They are used in a small amount in the military industry, but they are of great significance to promote the development of civil industry. We should vigorously expand the application and expansion of advanced materials from military products to civil products. Taking special coatings as an example, the early coating products in China are of low grade. After a certain type of aircraft project is launched, the skin paint is required to have the same service life as the aircraft. To this end, many units have jointly undertaken the development project of fluorocarbon coatings, and made important breakthroughs in key performance such as weather resistance and high temperature resistance. Related products not only meet the production needs of this type of aircraft, but also are used in key projects such as the National Stadium and Qinghai Tibet railway

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