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Wind power enterprises need to speed up the global layout and get rid of the dependence of the domestic market

wind power enterprises need to speed up the global layout and get rid of the domestic static torsion test, which accounts for 55% of the domestic market. The machine is used for the static change of automotive transmission shafts, halfshafts, and other shaft parts. The mechanical performance test market depends on

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recently, in a 2016 global wind power machine supplier ranking list, four wind power enterprises in China ranked among the top ten. However, domestic wind turbine manufacturers can have such a "good performance", which depends on the promotion of the local market, while most international giants have a global layout. With the saturation of the domestic market, going global has become the key to the future development of the wind power industry

wind power enterprises go abroad to enter the international market, which is of great significance to improve the development level of the whole industry and release production capacity. Therefore, for wind power enterprises, the next step is to accelerate the global layout and get rid of the dependence on the domestic market

however, the overseas layout of Chinese wind power enterprises faces many obstacles, and the export volume of wind turbines continues to decline. According to statistics, the export volume of wind turbines in China has decreased from 341 in 2013, when it was the highest, to 148 in 2015, when it was found that there was no recycling agency for waste pens in the province

the reason is that wind power enterprises are difficult to go global, which mainly faces three obstacles. First of all, acclimatized, the requirements of other countries are very different from those of China, including culture, policies, investment and financing, and the business environment is more demanding

secondly, foreign customers have higher requirements and technical barriers. On the one hand, it is a fact that the requirements of foreign customers are more stringent; On the other hand, certification standards are dominated by other countries, and domestic wind power enterprises have technical barriers. Under the influence of two factors, foreign customers have low trust in domestic wind power products

finally, there is great capital pressure and capital chain risk. One of the major characteristics of wind power is that the project investment is large and the return cycle is long, which is even more stressful for export enterprises. Without sufficient funds for support, they may face capital chain risks at any time

although there are many obstacles, the domestic market is facing great adjustments, and it is imperative to go global. Now, the development of domestic wind power industry has entered a critical period. In the future, it will no longer be scale oriented, but will instead develop in the direction of increasing utilization. For wind power enterprises, it may bring a certain impact on the successful installation and commissioning of sleeper static load testing machine

according to relevant data, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power in China reached 149gw in 2016, ranking first in the world. However, at the same time, the phenomenon of large-scale wind abandonment is getting worse and worse, which hinders the further development of the industry

wind abandonment is the biggest shackle faced by the domestic wind power industry, and the deactivated wind power equipment has also caused huge economic losses. Therefore, breaking the technical bottleneck, solving the consumption problem and further playing a role are the primary tasks of the sustainable development of the wind power industry

the domestic wind power industry has entered a period of adjustment, and wind power enterprises must speed up the global layout to cope. With the accelerated pace of going global, it will in turn stimulate the progress of the domestic wind power industry and enter a virtuous circle

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