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Wind power equipment enterprises publish their annual reports in a centralized manner: the profit decline is huge, and the leader strives for progress while maintaining stability

recently, many listed wind power equipment companies announced their 2011 results. Compared with the rapid growth in previous years, the performance of most wind power equipment enterprises in 2011 fell to varying degrees

no one was spared from the decline in performance

according to the 2011 Annual Report of Sinoma technology, a blade manufacturer, the price and sales volume of wind power blades, its leading industry, fell due to changes in the market environment. In 2011, its net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 121million, down 31.37% year-on-year

among the complete machine manufacturers, the 2011 Annual Report of Goldwind technology shows that the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2011 was 607 million, a decrease of 73.5% over the previous year. The annual report also predicts that its performance in the first quarter of this year will still decline by 50% - 100%

the annual report issued by Sinovel wind power on April 11 showed that the company's operating income was 10.436 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 48.66%, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 776 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 72.84%, with a basic earnings per share of 0.39 yuan. It is worth noting that the proportion of Sinovel 3 MW, 5 MW and 6 MW high-capacity units in the order structure has increased significantly. As of the end of the reporting period, Sinovel wind power's orders in hand and the projects that won the bid and did not sign the contract totaled 14348.5 MW, including 9882.5 MW of the projects that won the bid and did not sign the contract, including 4698 MW of 3 MW units, 4138.5 MW of 1.5 MW wind turbines, 905 MW of 5 MW units and 150 MW of 6 MW units. Goldwind technology is better in sales, and returned to the first place in the industry in 2011

data show that in terms of gross profit margin of the whole machine (excluding fan parts), Goldwind technology decreased by 40% to 13.71%, and the net profit margin decreased by 59% to 5.59%, a record low; Sinovel wind power has a relatively small reduction in test specifications and standards; Sample material: provide the data of one cut of sample set by the user. The gross profit of the whole machine decreased by 21%, to 16.29%, and the net profit rate decreased by 47%, to 7.43%. From the perspective of new installed capacity, Goldwind technology performed well, but it seems that in its operating profit of 697.8 million, the income from the transfer of wind farms was 387 million, accounting for 55% of the total operating profit, and the profit from fan parts and related services was 311 million yuan

at present, the wind power equipment industry is in the adjustment period, and the decline in performance is an inevitable industry adjustment performance. Facing this situation, all wind power enterprises are also actively adjusting and changing their strategies. In the early stage of wind power development, wind turbines generally had high profits, so it was undoubtedly a good choice to pursue the installed capacity at that time. In the current situation of fierce competition and overcapacity, simply pursuing the installed capacity has no economic benefits, and enterprises need to make decisions that are more conducive to long-term development

not only domestic manufacturers, but also global wind power equipment manufacturers saw their performance decline to varying degrees in 2011. Take Vestas, the world's largest wind power equipment manufacturer, for example. The company's financial report released on February 8 showed that the company had a net loss of 166 million euros (about US $220 million) in 2011, the first annual loss since 2005. Vestas said in the financial report that 2011 was a difficult year. The relevant person in charge of Vestas said that Vestas will cut 2335 jobs in 2012, and the market prosperity depends on the change of PTC policy in the United States to see whether 1600 jobs need to be cut in the United States market

survive in fierce competition

with the intensification of wind power equipment market competition in recent years, industry adjustment has become an inevitable choice at the current stage of wind power generation. In the context of industry adjustment, taking Sinovel wind power as an example, the company's own development focus and market strategy are also being adjusted, that is, it pays more attention to the improvement of its core competitiveness and profitability, and the enterprise concentrates its advantages to support projects with high R & D investment and gross profit margin, rather than simply focusing on the installed capacity

Sinovel wind power's annual report shows that at present, the proportion of 3 MW in its wind turbine winning order structure has exceeded 1.5 MW, which has significantly increased. From this point of view, Sinovel wind power firmly chooses the product direction of developing high-capacity wind turbines, which is an effective way to maintain its competitive advantage. Recently, the export proportion of Beijing Science and Technology Commission to emerging countries presided over and undertaken by Sinovel wind power will also be greatly increased. The localization project of 5MW wind turbine units and the three topics contained in the science and technology plan have successfully passed the review and acceptance of the expert group of Beijing Science and Technology Commission

in contrast, among other domestic peers, the operation of 3 MW wind turbines is still in the water test stage: Dongfang Electric 3 MW wind turbines were offline in November 2011; CICC research report predicts that the gross profit margin of Goldwind 2.5 MW and 3 MW units may increase to 9% and 10% respectively by 2013. At the same time, its 3 MW unit revenue will still account for zero by 2013

flexible competition focuses on long-term development

in the view of insiders, China's wind power equipment industry in adjustment must move towards a long-term and sustainable development path in the future

for the future development, Sinovel wind power said it would adhere to the long-term perspective, maintain the leading edge and implement the long-term development strategy. The development of wind power industry is the same as that of many other industries. In the face of ups and downs and various challenges, only by taking the road of leading technology and adhering to independent innovation can we further realize the thinner thickness of the bridge, from large to strong. Sinovel wind power has always taken large-scale wind turbines as the core development strategy of the enterprise. It is reported that 17 6-megawatt large-scale offshore wind turbines of Sinovel have won the bid of Shanghai Lingang offshore wind power demonstration project phase I at the end of 2011, and will soon be put into commercial use. This is expected to be the first large-scale commercial use of 6-megawatt offshore wind turbines in the world, and it is also another new milestone in the development of offshore wind power after Sinovel won the bid of China's first national offshore wind power demonstration project, Shanghai Donghai Bridge 100000 kW project. In addition, Sinovel wind power is currently the enterprise with the largest number of 3-megawatt wind turbines put into operation in China. Large scale installation has been achieved for land, offshore and intertidal projects. Its first 5-megawatt wind turbine generator set was commissioned in 2011, and a 6-megawatt prototype has also been installed and commissioned

in addition, the annual report also shows that during the reporting period, Sinovel wind power was the first in China to independently complete the GL design certification and type certification of sl1500/82 wind turbines, and completed the CE and ETL certification of 1.5 MW and 3 MW wind turbines; The national energy offshore wind power technology and equipment research and development center was completed and put into use; At the same time, two 863 projects of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, the development project of 1.5 MW low wind speed wind turbine and the research on low voltage ride through test technology undertaken by the company, and two World Bank funded projects, the localization project of 3 MW wind turbine and the construction technology and equipment of intertidal wind power, also passed the acceptance. As of the end of the reporting period, the company has obtained a total of 115 patents, including 6 invention patents

no matter how difficult it is to develop the international market

while trying to adapt to domestic policies and environmental changes, in order to find more growth points, domestic Dafeng power plant manufacturers are trying to make efforts globally and actively explore the market

on April 10, Sinovel wind power signed a framework agreement on the supply of 600 MW wind turbines with Turkey's agaoglu company. This company, which relies on real estate and tourism, decided to enter the wind power industry last year. When talking about why Sinovel wind power was chosen, its president said: Sinovel wind power is one of the world's top companies, and its products are good and cheap. It is reported that agaoglu will have more development capacity and invite Sinovel wind power to settle locally

relying on the general idea of consolidating traditional markets and exploring emerging markets, Sinovel wind power has built a global marketing network. By adding overseas subsidiaries or offices as the bridgehead of market promotion, Sinovel has made steady progress in the way of combining cultivation and development, and has successfully entered the international markets of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, etc., in the United States, Brazil, Sweden, Turkey, India South Africa and other countries won the bid for wind power projects or obtained orders. Its 1.5 MW wind turbine has been put into operation in the United States and successfully passed the 240 hour pre acceptance examination; And won the project of 23 1.5 MW wind turbines in Brazil. At the same time, it also received orders for two 3-mW wind turbines from Swedish CRC company, representing the first time that wind turbines made in China have entered the European market with a long history of wind power development. Crosbuller, President of CRC, said: I am very satisfied with the efficiency and service awareness of Sinovel. In addition, in the first round of government bidding in South Africa, Sinovel wind power won two projects at one stroke, becoming the only Chinese wind turbine manufacturer to win the bid

in addition, under the current international and domestic financial situation and industrial environment, the expansion of the industry is slowing down, and improving the competitiveness of enterprises needs to start from many aspects. Sinovel wind power will strive to strengthen its scientific and technological competitiveness, strictly control costs, improve the gross profit margin of products, better balance sales and profits, and ensure the healthy development of the enterprise

the prospect of the new deal is still promising.

Li Shengmao, a senior researcher of CIC consulting, believes that wind power is an important part of the new energy industry and plays an important role in the future world energy structure. In the long run, it undoubtedly has a good development prospect, especially in terms of wind power level and price and after the completion of smart power construction, its advantages will gradually become prominent

China is already a real wind power country, and now it is also moving towards a more healthy and orderly direction. In 2011, wind farm management related policies and industry standards were successively issued. With the internal integration of the industry, the acceleration of the survival of the fittest, the gradual improvement of industry technical standards, and the continuous improvement of the overall technical strength, the development of the wind power industry will be more rational

according to the plan of the national energy administration, large and super large wind farms will be built in areas rich in wind resources such as the three North (northwest, northern North China and northeast) in the next few years, and Research on power transmission and market consumption will be carried out simultaneously. At the same time, promote the development of resources in low wind speed areas, build small and medium-sized wind farms according to local conditions, use low-speed fans, and consume locally. In remote areas, wind power should be developed according to local conditions. These measures will also greatly reduce wind power and pressure

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