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Wind power: eliminate bottlenecks and develop healthily

[Guide: in 2009, wind power was listed as an industry with overcapacity by relevant ministries and commissions, and the public opinion was stirred by the view that wind power is crazy. Is wind power too ill to be cured?]

on the one hand is the upsurge of new energy investment, on the other hand is the massive amount of clean electric energy that cannot be merged and wasted; As an emerging industry with plenty of room for development, it has aroused a lot of doubts in recent years. After several years of blowout growth, China's wind power industry has begun to appear a lot of chaos, which has become an inevitable puzzle on the road of China's wind power development

in 2005, the renewable energy law was promulgated, clearly supporting the development of new energy industries such as wind power. With the support of supporting policies, the large-scale development of wind power in China has started, and has become a world wind power country at an amazing speed

similar to other industries, the development of wind power in China is inevitably infected with the stubborn disease of industrial development with Chinese characteristics of development, governance and redevelopment. In 2009, wind power was listed as an industry with overcapacity by relevant ministries and commissions, and the public opinion was stirred up by the view that wind power is crazy

but is wind power really hopeless? Mr. Zhou Heliang, a Chinese wind power expert and honorary president of the China Electrotechnical Society, was interviewed on issues related to improving production efficiency

Zhou Heliang first summed up several prominent contradictions in the current development of wind power in China:

first, wind power is not difficult

at present, the problem of wind power consolidation has become a prominent bottleneck in the development of China's wind power industry. The characteristics of wind power determine that its load is difficult to maintain stability, and it is more impossible to change synchronously with the power load. Other power sources must be responsible for adapting to the requirements of wind power load changes, and increasing the generation adjustment capacity, peak shaving capacity and energy storage capacity. This requires optimizing the power structure, increasing the operation of pumped storage units, and increasing the construction scale of peak shaving power supply. Therefore, the development of wind power should enter the overall power development planning, and increase the investment in

large power construction

in addition, the research and prediction of wind measurement should be strengthened. Now, 400 wind observation towers have been built nationwide. However, this is far from enough. The research on the regularity of wind energy should be further strengthened. Zhou Heliang believes that the prediction and prediction system of wind power should be established to promote the coordination and cooperation between wind farms and power enterprises. In addition, Zhou Heliang stressed that the state should assess the power supply, not the installed capacity. Because installation is easy, but not difficult. Once the power supply reaches the assessment index, the state should reward units in all links to improve their enthusiasm, including wind farms, power companies, etc., especially power companies. Because wind power is not, it mainly depends on power companies to promote

most of the regions with abundant wind energy resources now have small local power systems, less power loads, and insufficient capacity to absorb wind power, which shows that the scale of cross regional power interconnection in China is small, which is not conducive to the consumption of wind power in a wider range. To solve this problem, the key is to strengthen the construction of cross regional links

Zhou Heliang pointed out that the development of wind power should pay equal attention to the simultaneous development of wind power and non wind power, and form a diversified and balanced development pattern. In areas rich in wind energy resources, we should build wind power bases, build large power, and also build small and medium-sized wind farms according to local conditions to meet the power demand in remote and inconvenient areas

second, there is overcapacity in complete machine factories

at present, there are many complete machine manufacturers of wind turbines in China, and there are hundreds of complete machine assembly and manufacturing enterprises of wind turbines in the country, and 60% of the total market share is mainly concentrated in Jinfeng, Sinovel and Dongfang Motor Corporation. These three enterprises have an annual output of more than 2million kW, and the remaining 40% market share is fiercely contested by nearly 100 complete machine factories with low production capacity

in order to prevent low-level repeated construction, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the draft of the access standard for wind power equipment manufacturing in March 2010, in order to raise the access threshold of wind power equipment and reduce excess capacity. At the same time, state power is also studying and formulating relevant technical standards and entry specifications. In this regard, Zhou Heliang believes that reducing excess capacity should not only focus on capacity, but also strive to improve the quality, performance and level of equipment

third, the problem of equipment reliability is prominent.

in recent years, with the strong support of policies, through technology introduction, China has basically mastered the manufacturing technology of megawatt wind turbines, and initially formed the wind power equipment industry chain of blades, gearboxes, generators, control systems and other major components. However, because most wind power enterprises attach importance to manufacturing, light innovation, heavy introduction and light absorption, the key equipment and core technology of wind power are subject to foreign countries, The independent innovation ability of wind power technology has become a weakness, and the quality of equipment, especially the quality of key components, needs to be improved urgently. In addition, with the rapid development of China's wind power industry, a large number of fans are launched in a hurry, and the time from research and development to actual operation of the equipment is greatly shortened. As a result, a series of problems have occurred in the operation of fans due to insufficient preparation of research and development technology

Zhou Heliang pointed out that the reliability of equipment will be a huge hidden worry affecting the development of wind power in China. China's wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises must pay attention to the optimization of wind power and the matching of main and auxiliary equipment, and make great efforts to improve the reliability of equipment

fourth, the construction of public technical service system lags behind

under the background of the rapid growth of wind power in China for several years, most enterprises focus on equipment manufacturing, while the R & D platform and public technical service system of the wind power industry are far from keeping up with the development pace of the industry, and an effective R & D system of technological innovation combining production, learning and research is still in its infancy. Zhou Heliang said that the construction of the public technical service system of the wind power industry is a national act and should be led by the government

in this regard, Zhou Heliang put forward the following suggestions: improve the standard system (including key parts and general parts), improve the quality certification system, the motor must be subject to load test, the blade must be subject to static and dynamic fatigue test, and the converter must be subject to simulation test, simulation test and real load test; Establish national test wind farms in the South and North, and field life tests must be mandatory for new fans; Establish a national wind power technology center with an independent innovation platform for industry, University and research, and accelerate the process of digestion, absorption and re innovation; Using the Dutch km model for reference, establish a national test center for key components of wind power; Establish a national real-time fan operation monitoring center to collect data on wind speed changes, temperature fluctuations, humidity, electrical faults, and electricity; Establish a national wind power information center, improve the information statistics system, and uniformly issue authoritative announcements; Comprehensively cultivate wind power talents, including technical R & D personnel, management and operation personnel and senior technical workers at all levels of wind power design, process and installation, commissioning, operation management, etc., to solve the shortage of wind power talents

fifth, the wind power technology service industry needs to be vigorously developed

at present, there is another obvious problem in our wind power industry, that is, the operation and management level of the wind farm is too low. Assuming that the host device is not correct, the wind power construction mostly pays attention to the installation and ignores the operation. Zhou Heliang visited some wind farms and found that he could not keep up with them in terms of maintenance, repair, maintenance and management

Zhou Heliang suggested to explore the establishment of professional wind power operation technology service companies, establish wind farm maintenance plants and regional wind farm spare parts warehouses, and develop modern wind power technology service industry. This is similar to property management in the field of real estate. Professional property management companies provide a full range of social services for owners

sixth, offshore wind power should be promoted carefully

now, offshore wind power is becoming a new favorite in China's wind power field. Although offshore wind power has the advantages of very stable wind energy resources, does not occupy land resources, and has little impact on the environment. However, compared with onshore wind power, the construction of offshore wind farms is not only expensive and technically difficult, but also faces the risks brought by a series of uncontrollable factors such as offshore ice floes and typhoons

China's development of offshore wind power first faces the constraints of technology, equipment reliability and project development experience. Zhou Heliang said that China is still a novice in developing offshore wind power and needs to be treated with caution. If conditions permit, priority can be given to the development of offshore demonstration projects close to the load center and with particularly good wind energy resources. At the same time, once the development is decided, the development scale should be appropriately increased and the most mature technology and equipment in China should be used as much as possible. The investment of offshore wind power is 2.5 times that of onshore wind power, and the maintenance cost of offshore wind power equipment is very high. Therefore, it is required that the complete equipment of offshore wind power must have high reliability to ensure

Zhou Heliang stressed that as a new industry, wind power will inevitably have some problems, but this is a problem in the development process of the industry itself and a contradiction in the way forward. We must not give up because of these problems and deny the role and significance of wind power development

according to Zhou Heliang's analysis, the wind power industry still needs 3-5 years to enter the mature stage. The sign of entering the mature period is that the above contradictions can be basically solved, and there are no prominent contradictions. In addition, an important indicator of entering the mature period is that the annual operation time of wind turbines can exceed 2000h. Zhou Heliang said that about 1/4 of the wind farms in the country now turn over the experimental machine measurement and control system software wind turbines are idle, and the utilization rate cannot meet the ideal requirements. According to the calculation of several representative wind farms, only when the annual operation of wind turbines is about 1800h, can there be profits. Wind power cannot always lose money, otherwise there will be no momentum for development

all these require a 3 Casting quality process. In the past five years, we have solved the problem of megawatt wind power from scratch. Zhou Heliang finally stressed that in the next stage, we will solve the problem of optimal development of wind power. As long as we develop wind power step by step and steadily to avoid big ups and downs, the wind power industry will certainly have a new look and become an important force to achieve the national strategic goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. ■ Wen/wangyusheng

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